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Competition Rules

   Indy Cake Off is a cake decorating contest with amateur & professional categories. Cakes must be decorated in accordance with the following rules.


  • SUBMISSION must include ALL of the following in 1 single email to 

  • Full name, phone number & mailing address​

  • Your category: Amateur, Professional or Master (see below for guidelines)

  • Artistic Theme you have chosen to represent with your cake.

  • A sketch of your idea. (Quality of your sketch does not effect your grade/ judging.)

  • 3-5 still photos of your cake. All sides (front, sides & back) must be visible between these photos. The full cake must be visible in at least one photo. Detail photos are encouraged.

  • If your photo files are too large to send via email you may (1) send separate emails, EACH EMAIL SENT MUST INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME or (2) a LINK to view photos is permitted, as long as the photos can be downloaded from site without payment or app download requirements. 

  • A few sentences answering the following questions. (Answers do not affect grade/ judging, completion does.)

    • How does your cake represent the artistic theme you chose?​

    • Why did you choose this style?

    • Why did you join our competition? 

    • How did you get started cake decorating?

    • What challenges did you face/ what did you learn when creating your cake?

  • Submission fee paid in full. 


  •  Submission Deadline Sunday November 8th, 2020 at midnight (est). Submission must be complete & application fee must be paid in full. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.


  •  All cakes must be original designs, copying another cake design is not permitted.


  •  ENTRY FEE:$45.00 per cake entered (there is no limit to the number of entries).

    •  $35.00 per cake entered prior to April 2020.

    • Mail Checks to Indy Cake Off 1752 E 116th Street Carmel IN 46032 or email to pay online.


  •  Every applicant must select a category to enter.

    • AMATEUR (no paid experience)

    • PROFESSIONAL (1-5 years of paid experience)

    • MASTER (6+ years of paid experience)


  •  Each year a different THEME may be selected. The 2020 Theme is ART. To be eligible to win, your cake must in some way represent a style of art. You may choose any style: watercolors, pastels, graffiti, architecture, etc. There is no restriction on what is considered “art”. Choose anything you consider art & create a design to represent it with your cake.  ​


  •  The judges will rate cakes based on (1) Creativity (2) Representation of Theme (3) Originality (4) Technical Skill.

    • Each cake will get a 1-10 rating, 10 being the best.

    • Each category will have a 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winner. Honorable Mentions may be given, at the discretion of the judges.

    • One Show Stopper will be selected based on popular vote.


  •  NO LONGER A RESTRICTION. Now that we are virtual, you can ignore this rule.  Cakes must be made from Styrofoam or an otherwise stable center, covered & decorated in completely edible materials. (For example, but not limited to: Fondant, Gumpaste, Chocolate, Isomalt, Royal Icing). No real cake or buttercream is permitted. Cake must remain stable while on display for one week.​

  • All purchases/ registration fees are non-refundable.


  •  Prizes & awards are subject to change based on availability, without notice. Prizes must be picked up by 11/24/20 for will be forfeit. 


  •  Cake Artistry has the right to modify, change or terminate this agreement at any time, with or without notice. Cake Artistry has the sole discretion to disqualify projects for any reason, without notice.


  •  Any photos of participants or projects  on site, or submitted, may to be used at the sole discretion of Cake Artistry.

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